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Positron Emission Tomography ( PET Scan ) Cost in Turkey

Positron emission tomography (PET Scan) is an innovative and extremely sensitive technique in medical imaging and nuclear medicine. It is the combination of a camera (PET) and a scanner (Scan) in a single PET-Scan device. This aims to visualize metabolic processes in the body as well as anatomical sections of the last.

A product called a tracer is administered intravenously, the action of this tracer can be monitored using positron emission tomography. One of the tracers used in prostate cancer is gallium 68.

Who is this procedure for?

  • Patients with malignant tumors
  • Detection and monitoring of cancer and treatments against neuroendocrine tumors

Intervention or treatment's duration

  • This exam usually lasts 2 hours

Recovery time

  • Back to daily activities immediately after the exam

Success rate

  • 100%

PET Scan Test with Gallium68 for Lung & Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common cancer that occurs in the prostate gland and can lead to death. But if treatment is started at an early stage the prognosis becomes better. Hence, the usefulness of a complementary examination which guides therapeutic management.

However, this procedure is useless in case of advanced prostate cancer.

PET Scan: Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Side effects

In PET scan, lung cancer is diagnosed through a radioactive kind of sugar (FDG) administered through the blood vessels. This principally helps to detect small cell lung cancer.

PET/CT scan: Generally a positron emission tomography can be combined with a CT scan through a specific device that can do both at the same time. This allows the doctor to make a comparison between areas of higher radiation on the PET scan with a more detailed picture on the CT scan. This is the most used type of PET scan in lung cancer cases.

If your oncologist thinks the cancer might have reached the metastasis stage, but he doesn’t know where did it spread. They can indicate spreading of cancer to the liver, osseous tissue, adrenal glands, or other organs. PET/CT scan not be useful for medical imaging in the brain or spinal cord.

Side effects

Since the radioactive substance is a small amount of a type of sugar with a radioactive isotope bonded, its half-life is extremely short. It is harmful and doesn't cause any allergic reaction if the patient does not present any risk factor such as diabetes. Also, this type of diagnosis is not suitable for pregnant women.

In diagnosing lung cancer, positron emission tomography is effective. It has no side effects, but its role in checking whether therapy is succeeding has not been proven yet. Most doctors do not advise their patients to undergo a PET/CT scans for routine checkups after lung cancer treatment.

Gallium 68/68 Ga Positron Emission Tomography in Istanbul

The Gallium-68 pet-ct scanner is a tool for the care of low or intermediate grade neuroendocrine tumors. It is mainly used to make treatment decisions with the early detection of small lesions that have an impact on treatment plans.

Sometimes Gallium-68 PET / CT scanner shows no signs of disease beyond a primary tumor and resealable metastatic cancer. It means that it would support an aggressive surgical approach instead of using systemic therapies if more diseases are seen.

In addition, the results of the Ga-68 PET / CT scanner can help predict response to treatments that depend on somatostatin receptors.

Gallium 68 does not replace the essential role of computed tomography and MRI for disease surveillance.

68Ga is obtained by means of a generator. This radioactive molecule has a short half-life of 68 minutes. Be aware that the cost is a bit high, and it is often not reimbursed by medical insurance. Rest assured, the price of this type of medical imaging is cheaper in Turkey and Istanbul than in other countries in Europe.

What is special about this Treatment during Prostate Cancer?

Our target is the prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) which is a transmembrane protein. Its expression is increased by cancer cells during the tumor process. The principle consists in associating a radioisotope tracer, 68Ga, with a PSMA inhibitor. Its degradation is detected by means of a PET camera to detect cancer cells having an increased expression of PSMA.

After intravenous injection of Gallium 68, wait one hour before taking the images. In practical terms, most of the applications relate to patients who present with a recurrence after surgical treatment of prostate cancer.

PET CT Scan Near Me in Istanbul & Turkey

if you are asking yourself “why can I find PET CT scan near me in Istanbul?” you are heading to the right direction. Our platform keeps you close to the best doctors in our partner clinics and hospitals in Turkey and Istanbul.

Where can I have PET CT Scan Near Me?

Submit a free quote request and contact our advisers. We will give you all the information you need about PET Scan Test for the diagnosis of prostate or lung cancer.

PET Scan Test Cost in Turkey & Istanbul: Price & Reviews

The cost of a Pet-Scan test varies according to the case. It is the doctor who is the only person able to estimate if you need to carry out this kind of examination or not. On our part, we put you in contact with recognized specialists in Turkey and Istanbul. This way, we will offer you the best healing plan at a low price.

We also negotiate for you the best prices and conditions for your medical stay in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.

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