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About Turquie Santé

  Because being sick is a trying and difficult phase, even more if a trip abroad is necessary in order to obtain the best aesthetic or medical care according to your budget, which the founders of Turkey Health thought of. solve all kinds of problems encountered by our patients from all over the world in order to organize their medical or aesthetic stays in Turkey without any unpleasant surprises.

The specialists of Turkey to make your medical stay a success !

  Our medical assistants only work on the Turkey destination, and therefore have unrivaled expertise in its medical and organizational aspects, so you will be quickly and easily in direct contact with the best doctors and surgeon and at the best price.


Turquie Santé is a brand of MEDIT SARL

License number: 1608941W

Social capital: 155,000 Euros


France Branch :

23-25 Delarivière Lefoullon street - la Défense , Paris 92800


Tunisia Branch :

Behi Ladgham street, Nejmedine Hassouna building, Hammamet 8050


Algeria Branch: 

51, Emir Khaled street - Oran 31000

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Medical Assistant

Manager of the medical team, Nabilla has served more than 1,859 patients since her joining the team, take advantage of her experience and know-how on procedures in Turkey in order to benefit from a satisfactory experience.



Medical Assistant

Nacim is a highly qualified professional with more than 5 years of experience in managing patient records.He was rewarded by the platform as one of the most efficient assistants.



Medical Assistant

Kevin is a multi-talented assistant very comfortable with the management of delicate patient cases,he always manages to offer the best services at very high satisfaction rates.