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NP Istanbul Brain Hospital: The second Neuropsychiatric Center in Europe

NP Istanbul Brain Hospital is the first neuropsychiatric hospital in Turkey and the second brain hospital in Europe. The hospital opened its doors to offer effective health services with the most modern treatment methods. The medical institution uses contemporary medicine to treat soul and brain related diseases.

As Turkey’s first private medical center with AMATEM licence, NP Istanbul Brain Hospital conducts several researches related to addiction treatment. The hospital  also provides online therapy (telemedicine services) to its foreign patients.

The Joint Commission International, the most trusted medical accreditation authority has accredited the neuropsychic hospital of Istanbul. This accreditation is an exceptional certificate that has been given to only three private hospitals, including NP Istanbul Brain Hospital. This accomplishment in the global arena is the Turkish hospital source of pride.

In NP Brain Hospital of Istanbul, there are:

  • 2 operating rooms (1A and 1B);
  • 16-bed capacity;
  • An intensive care unit

Since 1998, NPIstanbul Brain Hospital has been providing patients with health services. It is situated only 20 minutes far from the international airport of Istanbul.

The founder of the hospital is Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, a specialist awarded in psychiatry, neuropsychology and medical science.

Find the Best Doctors in NPIstanbul Brain Hospital

The best doctors in NPIstanbul Brain Hospital perform several surgeries, such as:

  • Robotic surgery;
  • Aneurysm surgery;
  • Parkinson and Epilepsy operations.

Patients and doctors can fully take advantage of the most recent technology available. The hospital provides its services thanks to its only 1A Ultra-Clean operating room equipment in Turkey.

Vision of the brain hospital of Istanbul

for the prevention and treatment of all brain-related diseases; the hospital respects the following:

  • The ethical codes as well as patient rights and confidentiality;
  • Preventive medicine in addition to treatment;
  • Following the international advancement.

Mission of the brain hospital of Istanbul

NP Brain Hospital is a healthcare facility that makes a difference in its patient existence through combining different disciplines. It aims to be an excellence in health in international standards under the light of contemporary science.

Addiction treatment best doctors in NpIstanbul

NP Istanbul Addiction Center provide soul-brain health services to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach. The health care consists on customized and individualized therapy, conducted in collaboration of psychiatrists and psychologists. The team includes the best addictology experts (Addictologists)  and rehab therapists in Turkey.

With every treated patient, the programs include pharmacological treatment, individual, and group therapy as well as family therapy.

In the toxicology laboratory of the addiction center of NP Istanbul, specialists use the most advanced technology in the world. This allows them to know if the patient is still consuming the drug during the treatment. The Advanced Toxicology Laboratory of NP Istanbul has earned acknowledgement as a reference institution in the country,

Addiction center of NP Istanbul Brain Hospital: Mission & Vision


The mission of the addiction center of NP Istanbul Brain Hospital is to:

  • Offer in-patient and outpatient health care services;
  • Contribute in solving society problems such as alcoholism and drug dependency;
  • Follow the contemporary scientific methods;


The vision of the addiction center of NP Brain Hospital is:

  • To be the best health facility that provide mental health services in Turkey, in the Middle East and Balkan countries. This includes alcoholism and, drug treatment and stimulant dependency as well as rehabilitation of addicted patients;
  • To be recognized as an organization committed with all the action related to the prevention of depression.
  • Providing easy accessibility of addiction treatment;
  • Establishing a quality approach to the improvement of trust;
  • To be the favourite health service provider for patients their relatives.

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Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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Al Hashimi B.
This patient was treated for neurology


Hello, I took the Botox injection and the doctor ask me to send him message after two months clarifying my health ...thanks i paid 5.051,100 TL But Regret to inform you that I shall not go to treatment in Np Brain hospital in future for the following reasons:
I ask the doctor to make for me EMG test for my facial muscles before the Botox injection in order to know which muscles need Botox and he agrees and the hospital charged me 1.145,000TL for EMG test but the doctor did not achieve the EMG test and he inject me the Botox in one muscle only without before test although I paid for them EMG cost(1.145,00 TL).
Accordingly I do not feel well till now although this was the second time that I took Botox from the same doctor.
The hospital charged me the Muayene cost( speaking with the doctor before treatment) (1.755,00 TL)and the Botox injection cost ( 1.104,00TL) and another strange cost ( 1.755,00TL) they called it Injection achievement cost!!
I feel depressed from the treatment and the sums that they charged is not good at all...In addition I forget to mention that the Botox injection was turkish production not European or Mmerican source..No it


Among our doctors

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fatih Parmaksızoglu
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fatih Parmaksızoglu
Specialties: Orthopedics Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canboga
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canboga
Specialties: Orthopedics Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bozbuga
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bozbuga
Specialties: Spinal Surgery Consult CV

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Dr. Salih Aydın
Dr. Salih Aydın
Specialties: Spinal Surgery Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı
Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı
Specialties: Neurology Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrıdag
Prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrıdag
Specialties: Neurology Consult CV

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Dr. Celal Salcini
Dr. Celal Salcini
Specialties: Neurology

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barıs Metin
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barıs Metin
Specialties: Neurology

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Prof. Dr. Murat Topak
Prof. Dr. Murat Topak
Specialties: Otorhinolaryngology Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz
Prof. Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz
Specialties: Adult psychiatry Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Husnu Erkmen
Prof. Dr. Husnu Erkmen
Specialties: Adult psychiatry Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan
Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan
Specialties: Adult psychiatry Consult CV

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Prof. Dr. Sermin Kesebir
Prof. Dr. Sermin Kesebir
Specialties: Adult psychiatry Consult CV

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Dr. Can Tumba
Dr. Can Tumba
Specialties: Adult psychiatry

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Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fatih Parmaksızoglu
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kerem Canboga
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bozbuga
Dr. Salih Aydın

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